Programming Meme Roundup 2021

This year, I’ve really ramped up my learning of different programing languages, mostly focusing on Python, JavaScript and Shell Scripting (e.g. Bash). One of the beautiful things about programming is that it is simultaneously amazing and horrible.

On the one hand, programming allows you to do all sorts of amazing things that you could never do manually. On the other hand, should you go down this road, be should be prepared to spend hours debugging a file, only to find you’re missing a semicolon!

One of the most surprising things for me about diving headfirst into this world of tech is the amazing wealth of memes that exist about computer programming.

As a way to celebrate the end of the year, I’ve decided to round up some of my favourite programming memes in a year-end programming meme round-up! Without any further ado, I present to you… the best programming memes of 2021!*

1. The Bragging Beginner

When you first start learning a programming language, getting ANY output feels like an achievement. While other programmers are busy landing airplanes on the tarmac, here you are adding 2+3 and getting an output of 5! Nicely done!!!

2. Programming Is Lucrative!

Lots of people get into computer programming because they’ve heard it can be a lucrative career. When your coding skills just aren’t up to snuff, here’s a way you can guarantee financial success as a programmer!

3. We All Have That Folder…

If you’ve been programming for a while, chances are you have a few… erm, a lot of unfinished projects. Don’t feel bad, this is a very natural part of coding. Don’t worry, you’ll finish them all some day! (Just kidding, they’ll probably outlive you and everyone you love.)

4. This Is How I Code…

Writing code from scratch is for chumps! We all know the way to maximize your coding efficiency is to paste what would normally take a few seconds to write from a similar section of code, and then spend the next twenty minutes editing and debugging it as you find all of the things in it that need to be changed. This meme hits hard. 🙁

5. The Most Useless Comments

We’ve all seen code like this… some of us have even written it! There’s no better way to make enemies in the future than to write unhelpful comments for your code. Bonus points if you make enemies with your future self!

6. Is It Really Your Project to Brag About?

Building up your portfolio as a beginner is super easy… especially if you plagiarize all your code! While you may look awesome to the rest of the world, deep inside you will definitely be crying.

7. Learn C++ In One Lesson…

YouTube is an amazing source of content for beginner programmers. For some languages, you can even learn the whole language from watching a single video! So what if the video is 35040 hours long?

8. Make Yourself Useful…

Programming is all about making things that are useful. For example, here is a brilliant computer program that takes your height in centimetres and returns your height in centimetres! Welcome to the matrix, friends…

9. Please Don’t Watch Me…

There’s nothing like the stress of programming while someone is watching and waiting. Extra stress if thousands or millions of end-users are depending on a fix that you’re working on.

10. Dual Boot… Through the Wall!

As all Linux users already know, Linux is the best OS out there. It’s free, customizable, more secure and… oh my word, have I become a Linux bro!?

11. Coding While the World Is On Fire

2021 has pretty much been a dumpster fire. Between the record temperatures, wild weather events, an ongoing pandemic, political polarization and huge cybersecurity incidents, things can definitely feel bleak and hopeless. Cue me shouting into the void: DOES ANYONE WANT A WEBSITE?

13. It’s All About the Style…

Programmers are always looking to optimize their code, whether for performance or just for bragging rights. Look at this kick-ass way of returning whether a number is odd or even using bitwise operators!!! On the right: actual photos of me having a reaction. (This one is for the nerds)


Big shout-out to the following Instagrammers i_know_python, 3coder, black_coders, iofficialhacker, stringthread, meme_coding, ye_python_vala_hai_kya, programmerhumor_io,, and coding_just_got_real for the great memes! Big ups to all other programming enthusiasts who are fighting the good fight and managing to keep their chins up!

By the way, this was my first meme round-up for the SquareByte blog. If folks are into this sort of thing, it could easily become a tradition… Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Do you have a favourite programming meme that I missed? Comment below!

* Note: These memes were not necessarily created in 2021, but that’s the year I encountered them. So, there!

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